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Well that certainly makes for a good treat!! I could pop one of those in my mouth right about now!



Hehehe Paola, you should have seen my friend Ivan popping them all in his mouth in less than 15 minutes! I think I only had the chance to eat maybe two or three. :/ I've learned my lesson: never bring your chocolate to a dinner at Ivan's. ;)


Hi again, Nicoletta! I've added a link to you on my "Italian Sites" page :)
My Aunt's name was Nicoletta, but we called her Nettie.


Hey there! I just got back from Bruges and Brussels so was a nice surprise to see this on here. Love the photos on your blog.


Hi Maryann, better late then never: thank you! :) And hi a.c.t.! Thank you for the compliments, hope you enjoyed lovely Bruges!

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