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Lucky, lucky you!! ;)


Ciao Maryann! I can't deny I am lucky and pretty much feel so. :) Being here is such a fantastic experience every time. I just LOVE Tuscany and being here with my friends Cristina and Michael!


You do what people dream of!


Wow Marie, your comment gave me goose bumps. I guess it's true... It made me realize once again how privileged I am to earn my living doing this, and to do it in such a beautiful place. Thanks for reminding me and a big kiss!


I wish I could get my hand on some courgette flowers. I will be set forever.


Veronica, sorry for my belated answer. Can't you get any courgette flowers where you are? Or maybe grow your own? Too bad I can't send any too you, they're too delicate to travel... Ciao!

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