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You did a beautiful job! I LOVE the video!


Maryann, thank you very much, I feel very honored you're the first one to comment on this! Big kiss, N.


ed io sono la seconda, olè!
quant'è bella e brava mia sorella! (sono di parte?):)
Lo sapevi che le patate possono essere schiacciate ancora calde senza togliere la buccia? Quest'ultima resta nello schiacciapatate e nella ciotola hai solo la patata!


Grazie chef! E... "Ad astra"!


Francy, geniale, non lo sapevo! Adesso lo aggiungo alle istruzioni, grazie! :)


Sv, grazie a te! E il "per aspera" lo lasciamo a qualcun altro! ;)

We Are Never Full

this one of the most satisfying meals ever. me and my husband often make this because it is super easy and SO delicious! the potato really is the key - like you said "starchy" - here in the US the best potato to use is Yukon Gold.


Thank you very much, We Are, it's like you read my mind! This morning I was thinking that I suggested very typical Dutch potatoes but that maybe people in other countries would not know them. Thanks a million for suggesting this! :)


sono fierissima di avere due figlie così brave, una per i dolci e l'altra per la cucina, ma sopratutto di te che sei ormai famosa. Bravissima. baci. mummy


Nicoletta, I loved your video!! I would watch them all, please do more! You did an incredible job!
Hugs, Marie


@Mummy: ahahahah, cuore di mamma! :) Grazie, un bacio!

@Marie: thank you Marie, your words are very encouraging! :) Big hug to you too!


Darling what a great Video.
I loved it. It made me want to run out and buy the stuff to make gnocchi myself :)


@Villia: thanks dear, I'll take your compliments with a "pinch of salt"! ;)


Awesome video again, Nicoletta! Bravo to you!

The recipe looks mouthwatering. I have never made fresh gnocchi before and because you make it seems so simple, I shall give it a go!


PS: Dutch television NEEDS you!!


Grazie Paola :)

title bond



Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much!

I did want to ask something related though, do you know how well gnocchi lasts in the freezer? of course fresh is always better. But It would be great to cook up a big batch
and freeze some.

Please let me know your thoughts. Again thank you so much, you done a wonderful job :)


Hi there. :) You can definitely freeze them and the best thing to do is, as you said, cook them first and then freeze them without sauce or anything, just a little olive oil to prevent them from sticking. Once you want to eat them plunge them FROZEN into boiling salted water, leave them to defrost in the water and warm up completely and enjoy! :)

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