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Michael Seevinck


Chinotto is indeed marvelous!

Where in the Netherlands can I buy the Lurisia Chinotto?
I am unable to find it.

Many thanks.


Hi Michael, I buy it at the wholesaler in Amsterdam and to tell you the truth I don't know which shops sell it. I presume good Italian shops all over The Netherlands.
If you're in Amsterdam or are planning to come this way I can also buy some for you, if you want. Just let me know. Ciao!

Michael Seevinck

Okay, thanks!

I've found a shop in Utrecht that sells it (but rather expensive (2 euro for bottle)), called Fiori Culinaria at de Twijnstraat.

best wishes, Michael


Hi Michael, I know why it's so expensive, it's because the price at the wholesaler is quite high too... They don't sell it for a lot more than what they pay for it, believe me... :)

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