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Great :) I love crab cakes too and use a somewhat similar recipe (with some added mustard and spices) but I like the idea of adding lemon zest and lime juice -- will try like this next time.


Hi fab, thanks for your comment, I'll try the mustard too, and a pinch of cayenne, why not? :)))


Hello Nicoletta, I love crab cakes and many times I replace the crab with shrimp, I only use 2 tablespoons of olive oil to brown them, then I finish them off in a 375F oven till cooked through. Sounds like your Colorado trip was fun, that's such a beautiful area.


Hi Marie, I love trhem too and I too brown them in a little olive oil - being used to Souther Italian standards a bit more than two tablespoons ;)
Good idea using the oven after that, I'll try it.
And the Colorado trip was fantastic. Not only for the fantastic Tarot course but also because I fell in love with that state. Since then I ADORE the Rockies and Colorado and dream of having a house there, one day...




They are, Jui :)


You make all recipes look so simple & all photographs so actual!!! I wish I could have one from my computer screen!!!

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